Vic sewer blockages with wrong toilet roll

The toilet paper drought is leading to costly drain blockages in Victorian sewers.

Water and waste services provider Coliban Water said on Tuesday the flushing of toilet paper alternatives is creating waste water spills of up to 20,000 litres.

Supermarkets across Australia have sold out of toilet paper as people panic buy amid the coronavirus.

Coliban Water said when people turn to tissues, wet wipes and even paper towel when they visit the loo, an extensive and expensive clean up will follow.

"We know they all look flushable, but the reality is, not all paper is created equally," manager of customer operations Steve Dunlop said.

"Most of these products are designed to absorb water, not break down. They block the system and cost customers money."

The company reminds customers "only the three Ps can be flushed; pee, poo and toilet paper."

The company estimated the consequence of sewer spills to cost around $1.4 million of customer money each year.