Vic rapist was not 'perverse', court told

Amber Wilson

The actions of an Egyptian student who raped three women he met online were not premeditated or "perverse", his lawyer has told a Melbourne court.

Adel Nafady, 30, appeared in the County Court on Thursday for a pre-sentence hearing after being found guilty at separate trials of raping the women in 2015.

Nafady began using sites such as OkCupid, Plenty Of Fish and MeetMe when he arrived in Melbourne on a student visa in February 2015.

The Windsor resident contacted a number of the women online before arranging meetings.

He faced five trials - including one retrial following a hung jury - between November and March over charges he raped four women in 2015.

He was found guilty of raping three of them, and acquitted of raping a fourth.

Nafady's lawyer David Cronin argued the rapist did not use weapons, humiliate his victims by filming them, or act in a "perverse" manner such as using "strange items" to penetrate his victims.

"There's not a premeditation that he's going to rape these people," he said.

But Judge Damian Murphy maintained the attacks had aggravating features.

"She (one of the victims) maintains she was pinned down and he wouldn't take no for an answer," he said.

He also referred to another of the rapes, where Nadafy had committed a "failure to withdraw".

"She snapped and she said: 'Stop, I don't want it.' And then the intercourse continued after that," Judge Murphy said.

"She said, 'how can you mistake me screaming?'...and he says 'you were sleeping and drunk'. She's adamant that she wasn't consenting."

Mr Cronin said the rapist has been in custody since 2015, including a six-month stint on Christmas Island when the detention centre was set on fire.

Nafady will be sentenced on May 25.