Fourteen men charged in Vic hoon crackdown

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Police have arrested 14 Melbourne men and seized 12 cars worth more than $370,000 as they target hoon driving.

Assistant Commissioner Russell Barrett says the arrests over the past two days are part of a Victoria-wide crackdown on hoon meet-ups.

"Hoon activity is dangerous and not simply a bit of harmless fun," he said on Friday.

He said hoons have been doing burnouts and racing on suburban streets, sometimes with hundreds of people watching.

"We've seen these kinds of behaviours result in both death and serious injury."

The men, aged between 18 and 45, were charged over a hoon meet at Marine Parade in St Kilda in January.

Police have seized 12 cars including a 2015 Mercedes B GTS Roadster and a 1989 Nissan Skyline R31 sedan.

Mr Barrett said the community would be surprised at the affluence of the hoon drivers, with some hoon cars worth more than $100,000.

"These people have the capacity to entertain themselves lawfully and they choose not to," he said.

He warned that police are seizing cars and crushing them at a rate of about 20 every week.

He said local operations targeting hoon driving have simply prompted the hoons to meet up in other suburbs, and so a statewide response was called for.

"Everywhere in Victoria is going to be too hot for these people," Mr Barrett said.