Gentle man slain in Melbourne mystery

Caroline Schelle

A hardworking and gentle man who was murdered in Melbourne may have been the victim of mistaken identity, police say.

Bo Wang, 29, was found dead at Notting Hill about 9.30am on April 14, and police believe he was assaulted with one or more possibly "edged weapons".

Mr Wang had no links to gangs or any criminal connections, homicide squad Detective Senior Sergeant Mark Colbert said on Tuesday.

He was a "hardworking", "genuine" and "gentle man" and his family are devastated by his death, he said.

"It may actually be he stumbled on something or was the victim of mistaken identity," Sgt Colbert said.

"In the absence of anything else we have to look at all possibilities."

It is not know who committed the the "vicious assault" but police are urging three men seen in CCTV footage at about the time of the attack to come forward.

"We are not saying these people are suspects at all," Sgt Colbert said.

"Primarily we want to eliminate them from the investigation."