Family of elderly driver in out-of-control car 'had concerns' about his driving

A 96-year-old driver is lucky to walk away with only minor injuries after his out-of-control car hurtled into the air before slamming a parked car.

Wally Whitworth, a WWII army veteran, was behind the wheel of his Ford Fairline when he accidentally stepped on the wrong pedal and set the car flying out of a Warringale private hospital car park on Thursday afternoon.

Wally Whitworth's car went flying off a grassy bank at the hospital. Source: 7 News

The freak accident was caught on dashcam footage by fellow hospital visitor Grant Fisher who said he couldn't believe what happened.

"It was just a pure fluke, it's like a movie it's perfectly in frame," he said.

The 96-year-old is a WWII army veteran. Source: 7 News
His car collided with Grant Fisher's vehicle. Source: 7 News

Mr Whitworth, who was visiting his wife of 76 years, Jean, has now been urged to give up his licence by his family.

"For the last three to four years we've been concerned about his licence but he says 'I'll drive until I'm 100," daughter Kerri Whitworth said.

His family have been concerned about his driving for some time now. Source: 7 News

During his career, Mr Whitworth drove taxies, trams and buses, but despite passing a driving test every 12 months, everyone in his family is in agreement the time is right to call it a day.

"It was just like 'Fast and Furious', son Robbie Whitworth said. "Just outta control, like monster trucks had just jumped on the cars."

The family say VIC Roads ignored their previous concerns over Mr Whitworth's driving but the road authority said it is constantly balancing the safety of Victorians with the need for older drivers to be independent.