Vic parties support LGBTQI, licence change



* Daniel Andrews - North Melbourne (in the electorate of Melbourne, Greens held on a 2.6 per cent margin in 2018)

* Matthew Guy - Wodonga (in the electorate of Benambra, Liberal held on a 2 per cent per cent margin in 2018)



* Invest $22.2 million to boost LGBTQI community organisations, pride events and health services.

* Deliver $1 billion surplus in the next term


* Young people would be able to get licences sooner under a proposed plan allowing 17-year-olds to drive to work and school.

* Invest $300 million in a new hospital for the Albury-Wodonga border community.


* Introduce Strengthening Integrity Bill to give IBAC more power, make ministerial diaries public and establish independent integrity commissioner


* The United Firefighters Union accused Premier Daniel Andrews of failing to provide proper resources at Melbourne's Eastern Hill Fire Station and putting firies at risk due to crumbling infrastructure and collapsing buildings.

* Both Labor and the Liberals revealed the costings for their election promises


* "We have delivered in every part of our state, transport, road and rail, hospitals and schools, repaired and rebuilt TAFE but it's not just about the past, it's an election that's about the future. And if you value free kinder, if you value free TAFE, if you value cutting emissions and cutting power bills by getting these greedy companies out of our energy market, then please vote Labor. " - Premier Daniel Andrews

* "If you want to change the government, if you want to change the premier, you don't want to wake up with a Daniel Andrews hangover. The only way to do that is vote for the Liberals and Nationals on Saturday. We can change the government, we can get our state the fresh start it deserves." - Opposition Leader Matthew Guy

* "If you want a new hospital on the border, people will need to support (and) continue to trust me and vote for me. Secondly, if you want your roads fixed, there's a whole lot of work that needs to be done on our roads. We have good policy in relation to repairing those roads." - Shadow Minister for Regional Cities Bill Tilley

* "Labor and the Liberals have too many vested interests. Both parties are so beholden to their property and gambling industry mates, they've made no commitments to fix the housing crisis or protect Victoria from predatory gambling." - Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam

* "We guarantee, our party, that we will ensure there are no more lockdowns in Victoria, that there's no more destruction of families and that's why we're standing in this election." - United Australia Party's Clive Palmer