Vic murder accused said victim walked off

Amber Wilson

A Victorian woman accused of killing a mother-of-four told a TV reporter the victim left home willingly to sort her head out, a jury has heard.

Christine and Ronald Lyons, who are not related, are on trial in the Victorian Supreme Court for murdering Samantha Kelly in their backyard bungalow in Bendigo in 2016.

Ms Kelly, a disability pensioner, was struck to the head with a hammer six or seven times by Christine's current partner Peter Arthur on January 22 or 23.

However, the Crown alleges the Lyons were in an agreement with Arthur to kill the "vulnerable" woman.

It's claimed the trio wanted her dead so Christine Lyons, who was infertile, could take custody of Ms Kelly's children.

The Lyons are also accused of attempting to murder Ms Kelly with a homemade cocktail of prescription and over-the-counter drugs before her eventual death at Arthur's hands.

On Tuesday, the court was played raw footage of Christine Lyons obtained by the Seven Network weeks after Ms Kelly was reported missing from the Kangaroo Flat home.

In the footage, Lyons tells the reporter Ms Kelly had "walked away" at 3.30am, about the time she apparently went missing, and that her children "don't know what's going on".

"I wouldn't have wanted someone to dob me in for going away and trying to sort my head out," Lyons says in the footage.

"I've made a statement to police, I've done anything possible to help.

"She told me she's done - I'm done with Mark (the father of Ms Kelly's youngest child), I'm done.

"I've heard nothing since."

Police Sergeant Christopher Saulle told the court Ms Kelly's medical records showed she had an intellectual disability, depression and had sought help in reversing the tying of her tubes.

The court previously heard Ms Kelly wanted to have her tubes untied to have another baby with Mark Glare, her former lover.

The trial continues.