Vic man whipped after threat, court told

Amber Wilson

A Victorian man who whipped his acquaintance with a homemade whip claims he owed him $50 and had threatened to "hotshot" his girlfriend by giving her a lethal heroin dose.

The County Court was told on Thursday that Matthew Stuart, 49, and a a co-offender turned up to the Seaford home of two men, one of whom owed Stuart $50.

Stuart arrived with PVC piping and electrical cables fashioned into a whip, 'like a cat o' nine tails', sticking out of his back pocket.

Defence barrister Jason Gullaci said one of the victims had told another person he would give Stuart's "much younger" 28-year-old girlfriend a "hotshot" - a lethal dose of heroin.

When the men arrived, an argument broke out between the group, with the two victims pushing and grabbing at Stuart.

Stuart then hit one of the victims on his arms with his whip before punching the other man to the face about 10 times, with rings on his fingers.

Stuart's co-offender has already been jailed for 13 months.

On Thursday, Stuart pleaded guilty to recklessly causing injury, unlawful assault, and possessing a dangerous article.

He also admitted being a prohibited person possessing a sawn-off shotgun, found by police in a pillowcase under his couch.

Mr Gullaci said Stuart was a heavy ice user at the time, had schizophrenia and was now on methadone.

He said when the argument broke out, Stuart had attempted to "defend himself".

"(The whip) was silly. It was homemade. It wasn't concealed, it was in his back pocket hanging out," Mr Gullaci said.

"He took it with him, objectively, should things get out of control."

Mr Gullaci said it began as an attempt to defend himself but he had "clearly gone way over the top."

However, prosecutor David Glynn said the situation "could not be described as some kind of self-defence gone wrong".

Stuart will be sentenced on June 8.