Victorian murderer likely to die in jail

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A Victorian man is likely to die in prison after he shot dead his former girlfriend in her Melbourne home.

Juan Gonzalez went to 48-year-old Than Ngoc Truong's St Albans unit on May 20 last year, shooting her once in the head, killing her instantly, before firing another round into her neck.

Gonzalez left Ms Truong's body on the kitchen floor for her daughter to find, before turning himself in to police and admitting his crime.

The 77-year-old told officers Ms Truong wanted him to leave his house in her name and she had been harassing him after they broke up.

But it was clear Gonzalez stalked Ms Truong in the weeks before her murder because he was jealous she married another man, Supreme Court Justice Amanda Fox said on Thursday.

"The explanation you offered for your crime is difficult to accept," she said in her sentencing remarks.

"It's another example of a man killing a woman after she ended the relationship."

The offending was premeditated rather than a momentary loss of control, Justice Fox said, and the gunshot placements showed Gonzalez intended to kill Ms Truong.

"This matter couldn't have been anything but a guilty plea," Justice Fox said.

"She was extremely innocent and defenceless in the face of your shotgun."

Gonzalez has a rare terminal cancer with a prognosis of only five years left to live, but Justice Fox said the 77-year-old knew of his condition when he chose to carry out the murder.

"It's highly likely, if not certain, that you will die in prison," the judge said.

"I don't think this case calls for a merciful or lenient sentence."

Gonzalez was jailed for 24 years with a non-parole period of 17 years. He has already served 385 days in pre-sentence detention.

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