Stop blueing over fire service: CFA boss

Angus Livingston
Stop blueing over fire service: CFA boss

The CFA's chief officer wants people to "stop blueing" over his organisation as rival campaigns fight about the future of the Victorian fire service.

The union says lives are at risk unless the CFA is split up - while the opposition says lives are at risk unless it stays as is.

"I have to say, any suggestion that we are not providing a quality service to the Victorian community is absolute rubbish," CFA chief officer Steve Warrington said in a video message to members on Thursday night.

"People blueing just doesn't help us, frankly it's got to stop. We need to draw a line in the sand and get on with the job."

The United Firefighters Union's "Fire Doesn't Wait" campaign says Victoria's outdated fire service boundary "puts people's lives and property at risk".

The union is running radio ads supporting the Andrews Labor government's decision to move the CFA's paid firefighters into a new body called Fire Rescue Victoria.

At the same time the coalition opposition is pushing robocalls into Labor electorates asking voters to sign a petition to save the CFA.

"The Liberal Nationals will continue to ramp up its campaign to protect the CFA that helps keep Victorians safe," opposition emergency services spokesman Brad Battin said on Thursday.

CFA chief executive Frances Diver on Thursday said the authority had been "flooded" with complaints over the robocalls and labelled the campaign irresponsible and unfounded.

The CFA is being split up in part to push through a controversial pay deal, which volunteers argued hands too much power to the union.

A bill was introduced into parliament this week to create the new fire service and introduce presumptive cancer compensation rights for firefighters.

Debate was adjourned until the next sitting week in June.