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Vic Liberal MP to fight expulsion, condemns neo-Nazis

An outspoken Victorian MP will fight her proposed expulsion from the parliamentary Liberal Party over an association with anti-trans rally figures with alleged Nazi links.

State Liberal leader John Pesutto is seeking to expel Moira Deeming after she spoke at a Let Women Speak event outside Victorian parliament at the weekend.

The Melbourne rally was organised by British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and attended by members of the National Socialist Movement.

The group performed the Nazi salute and held signs calling transgender people offensive names, sparking violent clashes as police held back counter protesters.

In a lengthy statement on Monday, Ms Deeming said anti-trans demonstrators were "horrified" when police allowed the men to enter the protest buffer zone.

"I condemn of the actions of the masked men in black who were later identified as neo-Nazis, who gate-crashed the Let Women Speak event," she wrote on Facebook.

"Most of the LWS supporters did not realise who they were until they were being escorted out by Victoria Police, when they did the despicable Nazi salute.

"I completely reject the beliefs of National Socialists (Nazis) and I have seen first-hand the impact that the Holocaust had on a family member."

She intends to contest Mr Pesutto's motion to expel her from the parliamentary Liberal Party.

"I hope that when I have the opportunity to present the facts as they occurred, that my colleagues will stand on principle and vote down the motion to have me expelled," she said.

Mr Pesutto said Ms Deeming's expulsion was necessary over her association with organisers with links to extremists, including neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

In a meeting on Sunday afternoon, Ms Deeming claimed she wasn't aware of the alleged links but Mr Pesutto finds that hard to believe.

"I don't think it's open to me to be satisfied that Moira didn't know about their history," he told reporters on Monday.

"It took us all of about 20 minutes or so after the rally on Saturday to investigate the histories of these people."

Mr Pesutto criticised her decision to stay at the event when Nazi supporters showed up and later "celebrate" with rally organisers, including Ms Keen-Minshull whom she led through the parliamentary precinct to the front steps.

In a Facebook video with organisers after the rally, Ms Deeming described it as a "fun day" and said other politicians were in the crowd.

Mr Pesutto said his advice was that no other Liberal MPs attended the rally but he would double check.

Ms Deeming promoted the rally in parliament on March 8 but Mr Pesutto insisted the Liberal leadership team was unaware of her participation and involvement until after Saturday's ugly scenes.

The expulsion motion is set to be put to a vote early next week and Mr Pesutto is confident it will pass, despite only narrowly winning a leadership ballot last year and reports of internal discontent.

Ms Deeming was elected to the Western Metropolitan region last year, replacing veteran MP Bernie Finn after he was expelled over his controversial views on abortion.

The former teacher and City of Melton councillor's position on transgender issues was openly canvassed before the election, with then-opposition leader Matthew Guy describing her comments as "in the past".

She used her inaugural speech to call for an inquiry into transition practices and criticised the inclusion of trans women in female-only change rooms and sports.

At the time, Mr Pesutto said he didn't agree with the views but declined to condemn her.