No alarm over mafia name in Guy's office

Kaitlyn Offer
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Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy regrets a lobster dinner with an alleged mafia boss.

The name Antonio Maddaferi didn't ring any alarm bells in the office of Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy when it popped up on the guest list for a lobster dinner.

But not long after the plates were cleared the penny dropped for the Liberal leader.

"I did realise the potential ramifications as soon as I got in my car," Mr Guy said of his thoughts as he left the May dinner with the alleged mafia leader.

Victoria's alternative premier will refer himself to the state's anti-corruption agency over the meal, which dominated Tuesday's return to parliament after the winter break.

"So confident am I that I have done nothing wrong that I have broken no laws, rorted no taxpayer's funds, done nothing of illegality, that I have decided to myself, refer this matter on to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission," Mr Guy told reporters.

He was invited to dinner at the exclusive Lobster Cave restaurant by long-time Liberal Party associate Frank Lamattina, who told the opposition leader it was a dinner with his cousins to discuss Melbourne Market.

A guest list for the gathering didn't spark any concern among Mr Guy's staff who did not realise Antonio Madafferi was the same person as the more widely-known Tony Madafferi.

"Antonio Madafferi was not a name that rang any bells for investigation," he told reporters.

In 2013, when Mr Guy was planning minister, he went to a Madafferi political fundraiser at Docklands, but most staff from that time have moved on.

"I knew he was cousin Tony and then I asked Frank what his last name was," Mr Guy said of the night of the dinner.

But even after recognising his company, Mr Guy did not leave straight away, because "once you're there, you're there. If I had been there two minutes the same story would have run".

Mr Guy spent Tuesday insisting the meeting was not secret, was not set up to discuss donations and no donations were received from anyone at the dinner, despite also saying he did not know everyone at the meeting.

And claims that Mr Guy enjoyed an expensive tipple while at dinner, sharing a bottle of Grange?

"I very rarely, if ever, drink red wine," Mr Guy said.

Vetting processes in his office will be reviewed and Mr Guy wants to know who leaked transcripts of phone calls purportedly planning the dinner and suggesting he knew the identity of his fellow diners.

When asked if he will release records from his office relating to the dinner he said "my understanding is they don't have any."

Deputy Premier James Merlino said claims Mr Guy's staff did not recognise Mr Madafferi's name are "laughable".