Young Vic ice mastermind has jail term cut


A drug dealer prosecutors describe as a "true businesswoman" for the way she ran a large ice trafficking ring in regional Victoria has had her jail time reduced.

Wangaratta ice dealer Jessica Short, 26, was in April jailed for a minimum of five years and six months after pleading guilty to drug trafficking, drug possession and weapon charges.

The Court of Appeal on Wednesday reduced her non-parole period to four years and six months and quashed two of her convictions.

Justices Mark Weinberg and Hartley Hansen cut her sentence for the main trafficking charge on the basis that the sentencing judge did not adequately consider her youth and reasonable prospects of rehabilitation.

Short had a troubled adolescence and a history of drug abuse and mental health issues, but also has a good work history.

The justices have referred the two quashed convictions for possessing cannabis and a handgun back to the Magistrates' Court.

Short was between 23 and 25 years of age when she became one of Wangaratta's main distributors of methylamphetamine.

She kept computer files and documents about sales, credit, and the assessment of prospective clients, which were discovered by police in 2014.

After she was handed a community corrections order for possession, Short continued running the large-scale drug syndicate.

The ice trafficking also continued in 2015 after she was released on bail following a raid on her home and the seizure of drug trafficking paraphernalia.

Police also seized a gun and a Taser during further raids that ended in Short being remanded in custody in August last year.

With time already served, Short could be eligible for parole before she turns 30.