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Cop accused of spraying journalist cleared

A Victorian police officer accused of spraying a photographer with capsicum spray during an anti-lockdown protest has been cleared by an internal force investigation.

Luis Ascui, who was photographing the September 2021 protest in Melbourne, identified himself as a media representative before he was sprayed in the face.

Victoria Police confirmed on Tuesday the professional standards command had investigated the allegation against the officer and they were deemed to be unfounded.

"There will be no further action taken," a police spokesperson told AAP.

The Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission had oversight of the internal investigations into alleged police misconduct during the 2021 anti-lockdown protests.

A spokesperson told AAP the commission had not formally concluded its findings into those Victoria Police investigations.

Victoria Police last year reached a private settlement with Mr Ascui over the incident, reportedly worth thousands of dollars.

More than 500 people rallied against Victoria's COVID-19 lockdown in the September 2021 protest.

There were 235 demonstrators arrested in the violent scuffle, including on charges of assault, riotous behaviour and weapons offences.

Ten police were injured and at least three officers were hospitalised.