Vettel insists failed Azerbaijan move was worth gamble

No choice: Sebastian Vettel locked up his Ferrari and finished fourth

Sebastian Vettel said he had no choice but to try and pass Valtteri Bottas in what proved to be a misjudged move that cost him a podium finish in Sunday?s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The four-time world champion Ferrari driver had led the race and looked to be on course for victory until a late Safety Car intervention gave the Finn a chance to pit his Mercedes and emerge in the lead.

?I am happy that I tried,? said Vettel. ?I?m not happy that it didn?t work, but I have to try.

?I don?t think it was overly optimistic to jump down the inside. I wasn?t overly late, otherwise I don?t make the corner at all, but I did make it, just.?

Vettel attempted to pass Bottas, but ended up out-braking himself and locked up as he ran off before recovering to finish fourth.

?I didn?t have any option. Lewis (Hamilton) was on the right so I can?t close on him. Valtteri was ahead of me. He left a gap. I was surprised, judging the braking was very difficult.

?I was a bit trapped because I couldn?t see where I was relative to Turn One. We have our references and they are on the right -? a kerb, the signs on the wall and on the left there is hardly any reference.

?I had a decent re-start, I saw the gap on the inside and unfortunately I locked up. Without the lock-up, braking at the same point, I think I make the corner and it turns out to be a good move.

?It?s easy to say it didn?t work so it is the wrong thing, but I had to try. We can?t let one or two seconds from the race have a shame on all the race, because there were a lot of positives.?

No choice: Sebastian Vettel locked up his Ferrari and finished fourth