Vet's shocking discovery inside 'big bellied' border collie

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: A beloved border collie’s owners became concerned when their dog developed an unusually “big belly” and sought help. 

They called Dr Stacey Rae, from the Monto Veterinary Surgery in Queensland’s southeast, and after examination and some tests she operated on the dog  before making a shocking discovery. 

Ally, who is said to be 10-years-old, had a large ovarian tumour in her abdomen which tipped the scales at 2.7 kilograms.

Ally’s owners were concerned by her “big belly” and fortunately they called a vet. Source: Monto Veterinary Surgery/ Facebook

Confronting photos of the growth were shared in a post on the Monto Veterinary Surgery Facebook page.

“This was removed during the surgery and Ally has made a full recovery,” it read.

Dr Rae told News Corp her initial thought was the dog may have had a fluid build up in her stomach or may have been pregnant.

A 2.7 kilogram ovarian tumour was removed from the dog’s abdomen. Source: Monto Veterinary Surgery/ Facebook

But added she was worried when she found the large, heavy tumour.

“I am surprised that she survived that because it was a pretty significant surgery and a very large tumour,” Dr Rae told the news outlet. 

The beloved dog ‘s owners are no doubt very grateful the operation went well and their border collie has recovered.