How Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line experts — now on TikTok — help thousands with Thanksgiving dinner every year

Carol Miller, Bill Nolan and Karen Wilcher are just three of more than 50 experts available via call, text and live chat to field questions about turkey prep, recipes and cooking from November 1 to December 24 on the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. And although they range in years of experience, Wilcher tells Yahoo Life that they're all proud turkey lovers.

"You better love turkey and become a turkey-tarian like we all are," Wilcher says.

The food manufacturing company, which specializes in all things turkey and deli meats, has been an essential resource for thousands of people over the past 40 years that its turkey hotline has been available, offering people tips on how to best prepare for the holiday meal. In its latest holiday season, the Turkey Talk-Line is taking to social media as Butterball introduces a test kitchen exclusively for TikTok.

Watch to hear how these three talk-line veterans are adapting to social media, their answers to callers most frequently asked questions and what keeps them coming back to work during the holidays year after year.

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