Veteran radio host dies live on-air: 'Catastrophic'

A veteran radio host has died midway through presenting his breakfast show after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Tim Gough – a popular DJ from the UK – was recording the show on GenX Radio Suffolk when he suffered “a catastrophic cardiac episode”.

The 55-year-old was on-air from his home in Lankford, England, when the music suddenly cut out for several minutes.

Tim Gough sits in front of his microphone at the radio station
Tim Gough, 55, died suddenly in the middle of his radio breakfast show. Source: Twitter

James Hazell, the managing director of GenX radio, then informed listeners of the devastating news.

“I speak to you this morning with frankly some tragic tragic news,” he said.

“At ten to eight this morning in the middle of Tim Gough’s breakfast show broadcast, he suffered a catastrophic cardiac episode — as it has been described.

“Despite the best efforts of the paramedics, who were on site very quickly, some 20-25 minutes doing what they could to revive... it was not to be.

“It was in the middle of his program, he was doing something he loved to do.

“I really have no words at this stage, he was 55-years-old, very healthy. Who knows why these things happened, but it’s happened.”

The last song he had played was The Rolling Stones’ Brown Sugar, which he had dedicated to the Stones' bassist Bill Wyman.

Mr Gough started his radio career more than 35 years ago and had recently returned to the air after a 10 year hiatus.

Mr Hazell had said he was unsure of the future of the radio station after Mr Gough’s death, but after receiving “hundreds of loving messages”, he has vowed to push on and “create the best radio station we possibly can”.

“It will be Tim’s legacy,” he wrote on Twitter.

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