Vet covers cost of puppy's surgery after it was 'tortured' by child

A veterinary hospital has offered to cover the medical expenses of a six-month-old puppy after it was tortured by a child while the family was out for dinner.

The Winbush family thought their little dachshund Sprocket would be safe in the backyard of their Oklahoma home, but on their return they found him underneath a rock, whimpering and unable to move.

The severely injured puppy was rushed to the Neel Veterniary Hospital with a fractured femur and a tibia fibula fracture. 

After checking their CCTV cameras, David Winbush saw a child walk into his backyard slam Sprocket onto the ground before throwing him in the air. 

The six-month old puppy is recovering at the vet after he was beaten in his family’s backyard.

The child left the home and returned four times – returning with a baseball bat on the last occasion.   

But after two surgeries on Wednesday, Sprocket has sprung back to health and is now expected to make a full recovery.

The devastated dad said he could hardly believe his ears when the vet called him to tell them they would be covering the $3500 surgery bill.

The child can be seen bending over and striking Sprocket. Images: Oklahoma News Nine
Sprocket required more than $3500 worth of surgery. Image: GoFundMe

“I kind of thought it was a joke to start with and I told my wife to call… I just can’t thank them enough,” he told News 9.

A GoFundMe page set up to cover any future recovery costs has also raised more than $9,000.

Lawton police say they’re investigating and know the identity of the suspect. They say they’ll be contacting the juvenile bureau and will release more information later in the week.