'VERY UPSET': Residents' quarrel over garbage bin sparks debate

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A dispute over the placement of a garbage bin is threatening to tear one Sydney neighbourhood apart and has sparked fierce debate over what is expected of residents.

Judith Bond, a resident of Stockland Retirement Village in Campbelltown, told A Current Affair she places her garbage bin outside her home on a strip of grass.

She told the program she is concerned if she places it on her driveway it could block any emergency services who need access to her house.

Ms Bond said she has been leaving them in the same spot for eight years and added the grass is tended to and cared for by those running the village and is not private property.

George, a resident of Stockland Retirement Village in Campbelltown, pictured with a bin.
George has argued his neighbour shouldn't put her garbage bin on a strip of grass outside of his home because he cares for it. Source: A Current Affair

However, her neighbour George disagrees and doesn’t want bins kept on the grass despite the fact his neighbour claims she brings them in promptly.

"I look after the grass, I fertilise the grass and I make sure the grass is nice," George told the program.

George, who is “very upset” over the matter, wants Ms Bond to place her recycling and general waste bins on the corner of her driveway near the grass but not on it.

He evens claims Ms Bond in the past has put the bins further towards his home but this is something she and her daughter deny.

The other option is to place them in the gutter but Ms Bond lives in a cul-de-sac.

George and his partner have also moved the bins off the grass and onto the driveway if they’ve found them parked on the green.

Management have intervened but Ms Bond said the issue remains unresolved.

Campbelltown City Council states all bins should be placed kerbside for collection.

But what do you think?

Viewers divisive, criticise 'first world' bin problem

On Facebook, the squabble over bin night had people divided.

One woman referred to George’s grass as a “common area” while another woman wrote the bins are only there “for a few hours”.

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However, others sided with George.

“Why doesn't she put the bins out the front of her place?” one woman wrote.

“Because it looks like she's putting her bins out the front of the old bloke’s place.”

One man asked why Ms Bond didn’t just put her bins on another patch of grass on the other side of the driveway.

However, most people suggested the argument was entirely a “first world problem” and the pair should stop bickering.

“I think they are both being stubborn to be honest,” one woman wrote.

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