'Very dangerous': Woman finds plastic baked inside Aldi bread

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A woman has been left stunned after finding pieces of plastic baked inside every slice of bread in a loaf she bought at an Aldi supermarket.

The footage was posted on TikTok by a shopper in Spain this month, much to the bemusement of her 45,300 followers.

After the video was widely circulated online, local media reported on the incident and the supermarket chain reportedly removed the brand from their shelves without offering an explanation why.

The video shows the shocked customer with the crustless sliced bread called El Horno de Aldi that she says she just purchased from her local store.

She explains that she was preparing toast when she noticed something strange and realised there was plastic inside the supermarket bread.

The plastic netting appeared to be baked inside the Aldi bread loaf. Source: Newsflash/Australscope
The plastic netting appeared to be baked inside the Aldi bread loaf. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

In the clip, the woman crumbles a slice of bread to reveal the white plastic object.

She then tears apart several other slices to show that the plastic strips are apparently in the whole loaf.

“Sergio ate two slices but didn’t notice anything,” she said, as a caption on the TikTok video reads: “It is actually very dangerous”.

After the clip was widely shared on social media, a spokesperson for Aldi said that they had “secured the affected batch” which belonged to an order from their providers Pimad (Bimbo Group).

According to the newspaper Levante-EMV, Aldi announced that they were removing all the affected bread from supermarket shelves, and were putting up signs promising customers their money back if they had bought one of the products.

However, the supermarket did not clarify the reason why the food was being removed and only placed signs saying “the product did not comply with our quality standards”.

It is unclear if any customers have filed formal complaints against Aldi, one of Germany’s largest discount supermarket chains.


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