‘Very affordable’ Aussie private island hits the market

This gorgeous private island is on the market for $1.75 million.

An aerial view of the private island for sale in Queensland.
The private island is on the market for $1.75 million. (Source: Australian Islands)

Want to kick back on a private island in the Great Barrier Reef? Well, now might be your chance, and you could snag the property for less than you could buy a house in Sydney.

The private island, on the market for $1.75 million, is located 3km off Cape Palmerston National Park on the Central Queensland coast, and 60km from Mackay.

Temple Island even has its own 1,100m private airstrip, making it easy to get to, and boasts a four-bedroom high-set home located on the island's highest point, offering amazing views.

One of the beaches on the private island.
The private island is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches. (Source: Australian Islands)

“This Island is extremely well priced for an exotic island of this size. If nature is what you seek then this totally private 123-acre island with a 21.5-acre lease, just perfect with a rainforest and an abundance of orchids and exotic plants, the rest of the island is National Park with no visitations apart from the various birds that use the island as a retreat,” the listing says.

“This very-affordable Island has just come back on the market and I suggest if you are seeking that sea change or for that private family retreat, then this island and property is worth inspecting.”

Along with having a private island all to yourself, it also comes with its very own white sandy beaches and fresh oysters you could eat directly off the rocks.

The four-bedroom house sitting on the private island.
There is also an established four-bedroom house. (Source: Australian Islands)

“Whales have also been viewed from this aquatic oasis, as they pass in August and return south in September,” the listing says.

“Also inhabiting the island are sea turtles, which nest in December, followed by hatchlings in January/February. Sights such as these are common on glorious Temple Island.”

Access to the private oasis is easy via a light plane from Rockhampton or Mackay, whose airports are serviced by all the major domestic airlines.

Alternatively, travel by boat from the mainland point of Ilbilbie off Cape Palmerston about an hour south of Mackay.

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