Verne Autonomous Ride-Share Service in Photos

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An example of an autonomous vehicle from Verne.

The interior of each car will feature a 43-inch screen, for movies or games, and a 17-speaker audio system.

The reclining seats include extending calf support.

Rimac has partnered with Israeli-firm Mobileye for the self-driving technology.

The doors open automatically to reveal an interior with the ambiance of a first-class aircraft cabin, made from materials carefully chosen to look and feel premium but withstand the rigors of 24-hour operation.

Mate Rimac, founder and CEO of the Rimac Group and CEO of Bugatti.

Adriano Mudri, designer of the autonomous car for Verne and the Rimac Nevera hypercar.

Verne’s innovative ride-share service will come to Zagreb first in 2026, with the UK’s Manchester next. In addition, there are signed contracts with another nine cities worldwide.

All of your preferences will be saved in the app and communicated to the car so that it arrives feeling like your own. There’s also a “keep” function that will allow you to retain the vehicle’s services while handling errands.