Venba wins Grand Prize at the 2024 Independent Games Festival Awards

Venba wins Grand Prize at 2024 IGF AwardsVisai Games

Venba has won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the Independent Games Festival Awards for 2024.

Visai Games' narrative cooking game had four IGF Awards nominations, and though it missed out on winning in the Audio, Narrative, and Visual Art categories, it took home the biggest award of the night.

"I want to start by using this platform to call for a complete ceasefire for the ongoing horrific genocide that's happening in Palestine right now," Visai Games designer Abhi said in his acceptance speech to loud applause from the audience.

He then thanked his team and everyone who has supported the game.

Visai Games

Abhi closed by mentioning the waves of layoffs that have been happening in the industry, and asked for events such as GDC to take further steps in making them "more accessible for devs who want to be here and learn and flourish".

Queer visual novel Mediterranea Inferno won the Narrative award.

Anthology of the Killer, Rhythm Doctor, Cryptmaster, Phonopolis, and Once Upon a Jester were among the other winners at the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday in San Francisco.

See the full list of 2024 winners below:

Seumas McNally Grand Prize

• 1000xRESIST
• A Highland Song
• Anthology of the Killer
• Cocoon
• Mediterranea Inferno
Venba - WINNER

rhythm doctor
Rhythm Doctor7th Beat Games

Excellence in Audio

• A Highland Song
• Cocoon
• Nour: Play With Your Food
Rhythm Doctor - WINNER
• Tchia
• Venba

Excellence in Design

• Chants of Sennaar
• Cobalt Core
• Cocoon
Cryptmaster - WINNER
• Final Profit: A Shop RPG
• Isles of Sea and Sky

mediterranea inferno
Mediterranea InfernoSanta Ragione

Excellence in Narrative

• 1000xRESIST
• A Highland Song
Mediterranea Inferno - WINNER
• The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood
• The Wreck
• Venba

Excellence in Visual Art

• Anthology of the Killer
• Clash: Artifacts of Chaos
• Darkest Dungeon II
• Little Goody Two Shoes
Phonopolis - WINNER
• Venba

PhonopolisAmanita Design

Nuovo Award

• 1000xRESIST
Anthology of the Killer - WINNER
• Cryptmaster
• Kevin (1997-2077)
• Mediterranea Inferno
• The Forest Cathedral

Best Student Game

Once Upon a Jester - WINNER
• Pile Up!
• Planetka
• RAM: Random Access Mayhem
• Try Again

Audience Award

RAM: Random Access Mayhem

alt.ctrl.gdc Award

Chú Mó

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