Vegetarian slams Coles over 'grossly misleading' advertising - can you see why?

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A confused Coles customer has criticised the retail giant over the advertising of its popular home brand for allergen sufferers.

The woman ordered online what she thought was a meat-free sausage roll but was bitterly disappointed to discover the product isn't vegetarian at all.

Coles beef sausage roll pack; Coles online shopping page displaying I'm Free From sausage rolls
The Coles customer was fuming after ordering a sausage roll online she claims was labelled "free from beef". Source: Facebook/J Bee

The item was part of the supermarket's "I'm Free" range, which caters to customers with intolerances to gluten and wheat.

However, the shopper claims this wasn't made clear on the Coles website as the product was labelled "Coles I'm Free From Beef Sausage Roll".

The shopper unleashed on social media, posting a comment directly to Coles' Facebook page about her frustration with the product label.

"Purchasing vegetarian options and was wrapped to see the 'I'm free from BEEF sausage rolls' on the online order options," she began the post.

"How annoying to receive these only to be able to read the fine print that they are in fact only free from gluten & wheat? Advertising needs to be changed for sure," she wrote, sharing an image of the product alongside how it's portrayed online.

A marketing image for Coles' I'm Free From range
The item is part of a range of products which are free from gluten and wheat. Source: Coles

Complaint sparks fierce debate

A fellow Coles customer agreed the product title was "grossly misleading".

"Online the 'gluten & wheat' bit after I'M FREE FROM is blurry... even if you opt for what Coles jokingly describes as their zoom image," the woman responded in the comments.

But others questioned why the original shopper didn't read the product description.

"If you read it properly, they are gluten and wheat free BEEF sausage rolls," someone wrote.

Another commented: "Can't blame Coles for something you can't read properly."

Shoppers at a Coles supermarket
The Coles online team is following up on the complaint. Source: AAP

Coles responds to 'misleading' label

A Coles spokesperson told Yahoo News that the issue is being followed up with its online team.

"While the full list of ingredients for this product are available on our website, we understand the customer's frustration and confusion and will follow up with the Coles Online team to ensure the product information is easier to understand when shopping online," the spokesperson said.

"Our 'I'm Free From' range is all about giving food allergy sufferers the ability to choose a variety of different foods without compromise on taste."

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