Vegan activists storm Myer cosmetic department

A group of vocal vegans have stormed the cosmetics department of Myer’s Melbourne CBD store to protest against the testing of beauty products on animals.

About 100 animal welfare advocates disrupted the Bourke Street store on Sunday afternoon bearing signs that proclaimed: “It’s not beauty, it’s violence”.

Protesters targeted the popular shopping strip on Sunday. Source: AAP
The protest was one of several recent meets by activist group Direct Action Everywhere. Source: AAP

“We don’t need to harm animals to live healthy and happy lives,” vegan group Direct Action Everywhere’s Joanne Lee said.

Several protesters held television screens broadcasting animal testing.

The gathering comes after about 35 protesters from the same group stormed a Melbourne steakhouse in January.

Footage of the protest earlier in the year sparked a heated debate among fellow vegans, many slamming the group for giving those living a meat-free lifestyle a bad rap.

Protesters signs inside the store read: “Beauty is pain”. Source: AAP