Vanished - Part 2

Nearly everything about the disappearance of Helen Munnings doesn’t make sense. The young mother had just announced to her boyfriend, Adam Taylor, that she was pregnant with their second child. She was overjoyed, and why wouldn’t she be. But then, after a drive in the country with Taylor, she vanished. Never to be seen again. On that day, Taylor did something very strange. It was the middle of a Tasmanian winter, but despite the bitter cold, Taylor set out into the dark of the Bass Strait in his boat. What was he doing and where was Helen? Questions police have been asking since the 20-year-old vanished from the face of the earth. It’s a tragedy that has ripped a family apart. And a case that raises serious questions about the police investigation. So, just what does Taylor know about Helen’s disappearance? Report Alex Cullen asks Taylor the questions Helen’s family has been agonising over for the past decade in this major Sunday Night investigation.