Vandals target unsuspecting drivers as residents complain of long-term parkers

A group of unsuspecting car owners are set to receive a massive shock when they return from holiday after their vehicles were vandalised while parked in a residential street.

The words ‘no parking’ have been smeared over the two red cars in white paint over the recent long weekend in the UK.

The street in Wythenshawe is located near Manchester Airport – with residents claiming people are parking their cars for weeks on end while they jet off on holiday.

But it has since emerged one of the cars targeted was actually owned by someone who was visiting friends in the street.

Fed-up residents decided to leave a pretty clear message to the drivers who left their cars in the same spot over the long weekend. Source: GMP Wythenshawe
Police described the behaviour as unacceptable. Source: GMP Wythenshawe

As well as the white paint being strewn across the vehicle, tyres on the cars are also believed to have been let down.

Greater Manchester Police Wythenshawe shared images of the vandalism, describing the behaviour as “unacceptable”.

“Cars parked on [the road] have been damaged over the bank holiday weekend.

“Having their tyres let down and “NO PARKING” painted on the side of the vehicle.

“This behaviour is completely unacceptable and we will take positive action against anyone caught causing damage.”