Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Confirmed They've Quit Acting And Spoke About What They're Doing Instead

Ian Somerhalder confirmed in a new interview that he's quit acting.

Ian smiling for photographers on the red carpet of an event
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For context, The Vampire Diaries star's last acting role was in the 2019 series V-Wars. He and wife Nikki Reed moved to a farm outside LA together, and Ian himself said in November that he left Hollywood "to raise my kids, build my companies, and get these films launched."

Ian and Nikki pose for photographers at a media event

Indeed, Ian recently executive-produced the soil health documentary Common Ground alongside other famous faces like Laura Dern and Jason Momoa. At a recent screening of the documentary, he spoke with E! News about the shift in his career.

When asked if he missed acting, Ian replied, "I loved what I did for a really long time. I don't miss any of it."

Ian and Paul Wesley at a media event
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"I love making films. I just did it for so long. We had an amazing run," he said, looking at his wife. "The community and the family that is a set... But this is our 2.0 version, about to be 3.0 version."

Nikki and Ian smiling at a media event

Ian's first acting credit was in 1997.

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"Although I wish we had more time on the farm," Nikki added. "We're running multiple businesses."

Nikki and Ian smiling at a media event

Ian's businesses include making bourbon with his TVD costar Paul Wesley. Nikki's businesses include making sustainable jewelry and touting "clean" medicine. The crunchy vibes are off the charts.

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You can watch the full video here.