Valet's very unfortunate mistake while parking luxury car

A valet at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency hotel had a bad day at work on Thursday after he accidentally parked a Porsche Carrera underneath another vehicle.

While attempting to park the Porsche, the car reportedly accelerated and ended up under an orange sports utility vehicle (SUV).

Police were called to the hotel to cut out the driver, who was unharmed, as onlookers were treated to the comical sight of the black soft-top Porsche squashed under the larger vehicle.

A valet drove the soft-top Porsche Carrera under another vehicle Thursday outside the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sydney. Source:  AP

“When I first saw this, I thought that it was being shot for a TV show or a movie, but apparently it’s real,” said bystander Jonathan Bayle.

The witness said he saw the valet hit the parked car in front, before things went from bad to worse.

“He then must have panicked and hit the accelerator causing the Porsche to go further under the orange car and pushing [a third] white car into the bollards,” Mr Bayle recounted.

The valet had to be cut free, but was not hurt. Source: 7 News

“I think the valet wasn’t aware of the power that you get when starting a Porsche.”

Police rescue lifted the SUV to remove the Porsche with its hood crumpled, out from under it.

A white car was also damaged after being pushed into bollards. The hotel’s insurance is expected to cover the damage.  Source: 7 News

A police spokesperson confirmed to Yahoo7 officers attended and treated the incident as a “minor accident”.

The investigation into how the accident occurred is ongoing.