Vaccine certificate fraud risk in freedom

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Vaccine certificate fraud is a growing risk as governments plan freedom for the vaccinated.

Parliament's law enforcement committee is monitoring COVID-19 vaccine-related fraud and has outlined threats to the national vaccine rollout in an interim report on Thursday.

Early in the pandemic, there were significant concerns from government and health authorities that organised crime groups may create a market for illicit or fake vaccines.

"The committee remains concerned about ongoing risks in this area including that vaccine certificate fraud may arise in future as governments look more and more to mass vaccinations as the key defence against coronavirus," committee member and Nationals MP Pat Conaghan told parliament.

The committee also found "misinformation" is leading to vaccine hesitancy and leading people to defy lawful health directions.

People working from home and being increasingly online has increased both individual and businesses' susceptibility to fraud.

Using people's uncertainty or desire for vaccines can be used as the "bait", he said.

But Australia has not seen the anticipated level of scam activity related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, largely because of the no-cost government vaccine program.

The inquiry, examining the work of the Australian Federal Police, will continue to weigh ongoing and new risks to the vaccine supply chain and rollout.

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