USWNT takes field with inside-out jerseys in apparent protest of U.S. Soccer's latest misogyny

Jack Baer
U.S. Soccer's latest move was never going to be popular with the USWNT. Or, y'know, women in general. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The latest bold move taken by U.S. Soccer to fight the United States women’s national team’s gender discrimination lawsuit — outright saying that women are worse at soccer than men and therefore deserve less money — has unsurprisingly seemed to have provoked a reaction from the team.

The USWNT took the field at the SheBelieves Cup on Wednesday while wearing their jerseys inside out, with the apparent intention of not displaying the U.S. Soccer logo on their chests.

The move appears to be a subtle dig at U.S. Soccer in a legal fight that has become ugly.

In court documents that went public on Monday, the federation argued that the USWNT — its most successful team — has less “ability” than the men’s team, because they are, well, women.

The USWNT is seeking back pay of nearly $67 million in its lawsuit, with the argument that U.S. Soccer made compensation decisions based purely on “gender stereotyping.”

While that is happening, Megan Rapinoe delivered a different kind of statement to open the match on Wednesday.

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