Usher Called Out A Content Creator Who Accused Him Of "Almost Thanking The Devil" In An Acceptance Speech, And It Went From 0 To 100 Real Quick

Usher Called Out A Content Creator Who Accused Him Of "Almost Thanking The Devil" In An Acceptance Speech, And It Went From 0 To 100 Real Quick

Usher is firing back at a content creator who accused the singer of almost praising the devil during a recent awards ceremony.

Usher posing on the red carpet in a shiny, deep V-neck top and trousers
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On March 16, Usher was presented with the President's Award at the 55th NAACP Image Awards for his "unparalleled talent and remarkable contributions as an artist and advocate for our community."

Usher smiling in a black suit posing on the NAACP Image Awards
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Before receiving the honor, the multi-hyphenate entertainer, who's been sharing his talents with the world since he was 15, continued adding career highlights to his résumé, including a sold-out Las Vegas residency and an incomparable Super Bowl halftime performance. The opportunities he's been fortunate to have made the President's Award honor even more special for Usher.

Usher onstage at the Super Bowl wearing an embellished white suit and cape, sitting with microphone in hand
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The "Good Good" singer took to the stage and made an impassioned speech about the people who helped him throughout his journey to stardom, with an emphasis on the women in his life, as well as God.

Usher onstage, wearing a black tuxedo, holding a trophy, and gesturing to the audience
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Well, content creator Mark Hanalla believed Usher left someone out of his acceptance speech: the devil. In a video he shared to Instagram last week, Mark claimed Usher "almost thanked the devil for his award on live television. How is no one talking about this? I can't make this up. Watch this."

Mark referenced a moment during Usher's speech where he stumbled over his words: "I'm very honored to receive this award, from the dep...from the depths of my soul." But the content creator alleged that the slipup was actually Usher catching himself before saying, "from the dev[il]...from the depths of my soul."

Usher in a black suit and shirt, holding an award onstage, smiling
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On Sunday, Usher saw the post and immediately shut down the claims in the comments. "Get the hell out of here!!!! GOD is my lord and savior ... the DEVIL is a lie!!" the singer wrote.

Usher in a black suit holds an award onstage
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"So I was a bit nervous and jumbled my words when speaking from my heart...I hate teleprompters and they started to rush me because I was getting a bit long winded..... everybody gets nervous, especially in this position."

Usher in a suit holding up an award onstage and smiling
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Usher went on to say that the devil must be at work for Mark to even share a video like this online, making it clear that he does not play about his faith.

Usher comments on an Instagram post, passionately sharing religious sentiment, with followers responding and many likes

You can check out Usher's full acceptance speech at the NAACP Image Awards below: