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Teenager hospitalised after sticking USB cable in his penis

The USB cable knotted inside the teenager's urethra. (Urology Case Reports)
The USB cable knotted inside the teenager's urethra. (Urology Case Reports)

A 15-year-old boy was rushed to hospital after sticking a USB cable in his penis when “triggered by sexual curiosity”.

The unnamed teenager received emergency surgery when the wire became lodged after he inserted it through his urethra, according to a study published in Urology Case Reports.

After attempting to remove the cable himself, the boy had made matters worse, with both ends sticking out of his genitals, leading to him urinating blood.

The teenager told doctors at London’s University College Hospital how the wire had gotten stuck after speaking to them with his mum outside the room.

He said he had been using the USB cable to measure how long his genitals were after being "triggered by sexual curiosity."

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Surgeons successfully removed the USB cable. (Urology Case Reports)
Surgeons successfully removed the USB cable. (Urology Case Reports)

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The report said: “His repeated failed attempts to remove the cable shortly after its insertion resulted in gross haematuria and he presented to the Emergency Department of his local hospital.

“After urological assessment, he underwent rigid cystoscopy and optical urethrotomy.

“This was unsuccessful due to the proximal knotting of the cable.

“A suprapubic catheter was inserted under ultrasound guidance, draining approximately 700mls of haematuric urine.

“Following this, the patient was urgently referred and transferred to our department for tertiary evaluation and management.”

Surgeons removed one end of the cable through an incision near his anus and the rest through his penis, the report added.

The teenager was allowed to go home the next day.

The catheter was removed two weeks later without any problems and doctors will continue to monitor him.

The report said sexual curiosity was among the most common reasons people insert objects into their bodies, alongside mental health disorders and sexual practice after intoxication.