The Aussie differences that shocked US woman when she moved to Sydney

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An American woman who moved to Sydney to be with her Aussie husband has been uploading a series of videos on TikTok explaining the difference between the two countries with hilarious results.

Kaymie Wuerfel, 22, covers all the important topics on her TikTok account @kayywuerf, such as the difference between fast food chains, retail stores, local slang, and raves about her love for chicken salt and other Aussie icons she thinks the US is missing out on.

After marrying Australian Sascha Wuerfel, 23, in June last year, the pair decided to move to Sydney in November and Ms Wuerfel is fascinated with Aussie culture and differences she never expected.

Kaymie Wuerfel in front the Sydney Opera House on the left. The photo on the right-hand side shows her surfing.
Kaymie Wuerfel, 22, covers all the important topics on her TikTok account. Source: Instagram/Kaymie Wuerfel

Australian Target vs American Target

In one video, Ms Wuerfel sums up the differences between retail giant Target here and in the US, and American Target is the clear winner.

Ms Wuerfel said she was unimpressed with Target Down Under and that’s because Target in America is the store a shopaholic’s dreams are made of.

“They almost always have a Starbucks inside and a Pizza Hut, a full and complete grocery store, a seriously amazing home decor section, an amazing cosmetic section, super stylish clothing, plus low prices,” she said.

Australia does redeem itself when it comes to our version of Kmart though, with Ms Wuerfel describing it as “the bomb”.

The owner of The Sleepwear Company said she was forever being asked where she got her clothes from and the answer was almost always Aussie Kmart.

According to the American, US Kmart is “the lowest of the low” and “almost nobody shops there”.

Married couple Australian Sascha Wuerfel (left) and American Kaymie Wuerfel.
After marrying Sascha Wuerfel (left), American Kaymie (right) decided to move to Sydney and she is fascinated with Aussie culture. Source: Instagram/Kaymie Wuerfel

Australian fast food vs American fast food

Comparing the major chains, the bubbly Ms Wuerfel thinks we have it made when it comes to fast food and although she is missing a few of her favourites, the Australia-only menu items more then make up for it.

McDonald’s McCafé is a standout for Ms Wuerfel, pointing out the US version has two cookies to chose from, where as in Australia there is an extensive menu to choose from and she’s especially excited about being able to buy macarons with her Big Mac.

When it comes to KFC Ms Wuerfel starts off the video by describing popcorn chicken as “unreal” and declares Aussie KFC the winner for the “popcorn chicken round”.

While she misses the US sides like mac and cheese and American-style biscuits, she thinks Aussie KFC makes up for it with the condiments.

“The Australian KFC has way more sauces, we don’t even have the sweet and sour sauce – disappointment,” she said.

Ms Wuerfel also teaches important lessons to those not in the know. In one video she demonstrates the optimal way to eat Milo, no milk required and straight from the tin with a spoon.

Only in Australia

When it comes to new discoveries, Ms Wuerfel has made a series of videos declaring her love for things you can’t find in America.

From being able to switch an electrical socket on and off, to double flush toilets and Paywave, they are all new to the American.

But on the top of her list of favourites is chicken salt which Ms Wuerefel thinks America is missing out on the iconic Aussie seasoning.

“The saddest thing in my opinion that we (Americans) are missing is chicken salt, I never knew it existed and now I can’t live without it,” she declares.

Things she wished she knew before coming to Australia

While the open-minded American said she was warned about our notoriously deadly wildlife there was one creature nobody warned her about that she thought should be on the top of the danger list.

“Here I am in Australia hearing all this scary stuff about spiders and fish, and one day somebody was like ‘careful of the magpie’,” she said.

From dodging magpies (left) to eating Milo (right), Kaymie Wuerfel has dedicated her TikTok to the best Australia has to offer.
From dodging magpies (left) to eating Milo correctly (right), Kaymie Wuerfel has dedicated her TikTok to the best Australia has to offer. Source: Tik Tok/@kayywuerf

Not knowing what a magpie was, Ms Wuerfel Googled it and found out about one of our most notorious birds known for swooping innocent cyclists and those trying to take a leisurely stroll near trees during the the animal’s mating season.

“I’m concerned,” she said.

“If you ever want to spot me I’ll be the one running to my car like this,” Ms Wuerfel demonstrated with a pillow over her head.

Despite discovering Australian wildlife can be a little aggressive and that our Targets are not the shoppers paradise they are in the US, Ms Wuerfel loves Sydney and she plans to stay and continue documenting her American in Australia adventure with her husband on Instagram.

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