US teen reveals huge 'culture shock' moments when she moved to Australia

A teenage immigrant has shared an elaborate list of culture shocks she has experienced since arriving in Australia.

Lara Fourie moved to Melbourne, Victoria, from Houston in the US state of Texas, with her family in 2017.

The 19-year-old has since been documenting some stark differences between life as a teen in the US and Australia in a series of TikTok videos.

Her latest video exposed several surprises she experienced when she first started school in Melbourne, including the fact there were no metal detectors at the entrance to screen for guns.

TikTok screenshots.
The teen was shocked at being allowed outside during the day, and the language used by teachers. Source: TikTok/llarafourie

Re-enacting herself entering school grounds, she asked, "where are the metal detectors?", with "some random" responding to her saying, "why would we have metal detectors?".

"For like, in case of a shooting ... ya know, right?" she said, to which the random replied, "we are not allowed to have guns here in Australia".

Ms Fourie said she instantly felt "a sense of safety I've never felt before".

Crude language used in classrooms by both students and teachers were also listed as culture shocks.

"Those guys back there are swearing so much, are they going to get a detention?" she said in another reenactment.

She then imitated an "eshay" child saying the "C" word, followed by herself questioning if students were allowed to swear.

Ms Fourie then enacted a teacher swearing back at the swearing student, which left her "speechless".

School recess breaks were another big shock, as well as students being allowed to go outside during the school day.

More than 1700 people commented on the video, which was viewed nearly 407,000 times.

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