US Senate makeup uncertain until January

Lisa Mascaro
·1-min read

Control of the US Senate won't be decided until the new year after Republicans won a seat in Alaska.

Neither party can lock the majority until January runoffs in Georgia.

Incumbent Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan defeated Al Gross, an independent running as a Democrat.

Republicans are still short of the 51 seats they need for majority control.

They have a 49-48 hold on the Senate with the Alaska win but two races in Georgia are heading to a January 5 run-off.

The race in North Carolina remains too early to call.

There, Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham has conceded to Republican Senator Thom Tillis.

With Democratic president-elect Joe Biden's victory, the path to keeping Senate control is more difficult for Republicans.

The vice president of the party in power, which on January 20 is set to be Kamala Harris, is the tie-breaker.

That means if Republicans only have 50 seats, Democrats control the Senate.

Republicans would need 51 senators to overcome that.