US railway station damaged after lightning strike causes electrical explosions

A storm in the US city of Chicago has damaged a railway line with a series of electrical explosions after it was hit by a suspected lightning strike.

The severe weather over the US state of Illinois disrupted the train services over the weekend after several stations were damaged.

One resident driving past the city’s Racine station captured the dramatic scenes in a clip that she described as “unbelievable”.

Sparks were flying out of the roofing during the apocalyptic scene. Photo: Twitter/Erin Piotrowski
The pedestrian walkway and roofing collapsed from the railway track. Photo: Twitter/Erin Piotrowski

Erin Piotrowski was driving with her sister and daughter when she saw sparks flying at the station during a heavy downpour.

Through the rain, a large flash of light causes the girls to scream as the pedestrian walkway and roof collapses in the storm.

As the walkway fell, an electrical fire broke out, sending a flash of light into the sky. Photo: Twitter/Erin Piotrowski

Broken electrical lines lit up the dark sky like fireworks as the traffic crawls alongside the station.

“Oh my god, it’s blowing everywhere! It just collapsed!” one of the women says.

Trains were suspended after the storms with recovery crews working overtime to restore services as soon as possible.