Mum charged with fatally burning son with autism in family bathtub

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A young mother has been charged with first-degree intentional homicide, accused of setting her four-year-old son on fire in a bathtub.

Amelia Distasio’s son was found lifeless after authorities were called about smoke coming from inside the Milwaukee apartment on Thursday morning.

Firefighters found the young boy, who has autism, with his hands bound behind his back with several belts and a bag over his head.

A criminal complaint filed against the 23-year-old mother revealed a bottle of canola cooking oil was located on the bathroom sink, while a pet guniea pig was found drowned in its cage next to the tub.

Distasio was found wandering the streets after authorities discovered the child's body. Source: PA

"The majority of his body was burned," the complaint stated.

The complaint added that a neighbour heard the child scream “please mummy, stop, I won’t do it again” to which Distasio replied “shut up”.

A witness says she saw DiStasio climb out of the apartment window and run away.

The four-year-old's charred body was found inside the Milwaukee apartment. Source: Twitter

She was later arrested later after an officer spotted her walking along a nearby footpath.

If convicted, Distasio faces life in prison.