US monitors EU shift as far-right gains in France, Germany raise NATO concerns

People gather on the Place de Republique following the results of the European elections, in Paris

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. government officials are keeping a close watch on the aftermath of the European Parliament election that saw far-right parties gain seats in France and Germany, wary of the impact on international alliances.

The U.S. does not expect any major foreign policy changes from the European Union, including on Ukraine, one American official said on Monday, adding that Washington expects Ursula von der Leyen will be able to stay on as EU president.

However, a second adviser to President Joe Biden expressed concern that Marine Le Pen's far-right party might take a more NATO-skeptical stance than French officials have before, posing a risk to a critical alliance Biden wants to be strengthened.

(Reporting by Steve Holland and Trevor Hunnicutt; writing by Paul Grant; editing by Rami Ayyub, Heather Timmons and by Jonathan Oatis)