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'Got my own private jet': Man ends up all alone on commercial flight

For most people flying domestic airlines means they can expect long queues, confined seats and some awkward debates over who gets the middle-seat armrests.

So when Vincent Peone was about to board a flight from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah he was shocked to find that he was the only passenger.

Given the unusual opportunity, the film director decided to capture the once in a lifetime opportunity of having a commercial jet all to himself, and documented the trip for social media.

The video Mr Peone posted on Twitter of him lapping up the one-on-one attention onboard the Delta flight has been viewed almost two million times at the time of publication.

Despite the crew outnumbering the passengers, Delta airline staff went through the usual routine, inviting him to board the flight but with a personal touch.

Airline crew still went through the usual motions on the Delta flight even though Vincent Peone was the only passenger.
From the ground crew stacking the cargo hold with extra weight (left), to the airline staff personalising safety briefings (centre) and a handshake from the pilots (right), Mr Peone was an accidental VIP passenger. Source: Twitter/@vincentpeone

"Will the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time, Mr Peone?" the female gate attendant announces over the loud speaker.

Mr Peone was escorted to the plane and filmed ground crew “adding weight” as they loaded bags of sand into the cargo hold to make up for the lack of passengers.

It was a smooth boarding process as Mr Peone met every crew member, including a special trip to the cockpit where the pilots shook the hand of their only passenger.

Vincent Peone poses on his empty flight where he was the only passenger.
Vincent Peone documented his unusual journey of having an entire passenger jet to himself. Source: Twitter/@vincentpeone

Once seated in his assigned seat, the accidental VIP passenger enjoyed a refreshment as the safety briefing was explained directly to him, with staff playing up the fact that he was the only passenger they had to attend to on that flight.

Mr Peone made sure to capture proof of the spacious journey and captioned the video his trip as his “own private jet...kind of” he wrote.

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