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US intelligence warns Russia may provide Hezbollah with air defense systems — report

Smoke rises over Dhaira village after Israeli shelling
Smoke rises over Dhaira village after Israeli shelling

According to U.S. intelligence, Russia’s Wagner Group private military company might transfer an advanced air defense system to Hezbollah terrorists, the Wall Street Journal reported on Nov. 2, citing an anonymous U.S. official.

The U.S. intelligence community believes the system in question to be the SA-22, known as Pantsir-S1 in Russia.

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One source quoted by the newspaper stated that Washington has not confirmed the dispatch of the system.

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"However, it is closely monitoring discussions involving Wagner and Hezbollah, viewing any potential transfers as a significant concern," the article reads.

The U.S. has positioned an aircraft carrier in the Eastern Mediterranean to deter Hezbollah from opening a northern front against Israel, according to the publication.

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"Wagner has personnel in Syria, where Hezbollah fighters have also been present," the report said.

On October 28, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) carried out another strike against Hezbollah's infrastructure in southern Lebanon. This followed a strike on Lebanon by the IDF on October 26.

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