WATCH: Cops, firies race to save sweltering toddler trapped in parents' car

A two-year-old boy who had locked himself in the family car and was suffering from heat exhaustion has been saved by local law enforcement just in time.

It's understood two-year-old Apollo Rubin snatched the car keys from his mother and locked himself in the car at a local shopping centre car park in Florida.

"Went to shut the door. Apollo grabbed the key from (my wife's) hand as she shut the door," Ken Rubin told News 6.

The boy locked himself in the car. Source: News 6

"We heard the click when Apollo hit the lock..."

An Orlando police officer patrolling nearby heard the family's call for help.

The police officer put a call into the fire department and got to work trying to free the boy.

The father recorded video on his mobile while rescuers kept a close eye on the boy and tried to open the door without breaking the SUV'S rear window.

His parents stood to the side, hoping their boy would become free. Source: Facebook
Emergency services had to smash a back window. Source: News 6

It took just 30 minutes for the boy to become drenched in his own sweat, forcing firefighters to work quickly.

"Well the next thing that's going to happen is he's going to be passed out and we don't want that," the firefighter said.

Firefighters had to break the window of the family's SUV to free the boy.

Emergency services took this photo with boy after he was freed. Source: News 6

The boy was uninjured.

"We're very grateful they [police and fire fighters] were there to help us and they're our heroes for the day," Ken Rubin said.