US Election: Biden claims 'we're going to win' as he closes in on presidency

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Joe Biden has delivered an optimistic speech announcing his confidence in soon claiming the US presidency.

The Democratic candidate revealed that 74 million people across the nation had so far voted for him, eclipsing Republican leader Donald Trump by four million votes.

“Look at the national numbers. We're going to win this race a clear majority with the nation behind us,” Biden said in a press conference from Wilmington, Delaware.

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“That is more than any presidential ticket has ever gotten in the history of the United States of America. And the vote total is still growing.

Joe Biden during his press conference.
Joe Biden has expressed great confidence in winning presidency. Source: CNN

“One of the things I'm especially proud of is how well we have done across America. And we're going be the first Democrat to win in Arizona in 24 years, we're going to be the first Democrat to win Georgia in 28 years, and we have rebuilt the blue wall in the middle of the country that crumbled just years ago,” he said.

Biden assured supporters that their votes would be counted regardless of how hard his opposition tried to stop the democratic process.

“I don't care how hard people try to stop it. I will not let it happen. People will be heard. Our journey is towards a more perfect union and it keeps moving on,” he said.

“We may be opponents but we are not enemies, we are Americans.”

He also expressed eagerness in urgently addressing the country’s Covid-19 crisis, and his desire to take action on “the economy, climate change and systemic racism”.

“While we're waiting for the final results, I want people to know we are not waiting to get the work done. We're going to start the process,” he said.

“I want everyone to know on day one, we are going to put our plan to control this virus into action. We can't save any of the lives that have been lost, but we can save a lot of lives in the months ahead.”

Biden expressed he had “never been more optimistic about the future of this nation”, saying there was no reason the US couldn’t “own the 21st century”.

Woman in the middle of a crowd holds a Biden sign.
Crowds have begun taking to the streets in Philadelphia in early celebration of a Biden win. Source: Getty

“We just need to remember who we are. This is the United States of America. And there has never been anything, anything we have been unable to do, unable to accomplish what we have done it together,” he said.

Before leaving the podium, Biden said he hoped to once again address the nation the following day.

He is currently leading in key states including Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, increasing the likelihood that he will be named the next US president in the coming days.

His Republican opposition, Donald Trump, has made it clear he would not be defeated without first putting up a legal fight, promising his “legal team” would be investigating “vote fraud”.

He has continued to falsely claim the election is being "stolen" from him.

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