US company sells shares of Pokémon card valued at more than $ 230,000

<span class="copyright">Erik Mclean vía Unsplash</span>
Erik Mclean vía Unsplash

The investment world is extremely vast. A question that arises for anyone when they decide to take risks with their money is, what can I invest in, the stock market, the real estate market? Well, apparently a new alternative for you to put your money to work are Pokémon cards.

Pokémon card; the newest and least orthodox investment opportunity

Alternative investment company Otis has released shares of an exclusive and expensive Pokémon card, which has a market value of $ 236,800. This is the first holographic edition of Charizard, which went on sale in 1999. According to expert collectors, this card is considered the “holy grail” of Pokémon cards.

According to the Vice news portal, the shares will be sold with a starting price of $ 10 per unit. The price of this card peaked in March 2020, with an impressive market value of $ 399,700. Since then, the market has stabilized and has been sold for amounts from $ 264,000 to $ 270,600 between July and September of this year.

Who is this opportunity for?

This new investment opportunity is expected to attract the interest of the millennial generation public, who have not reached their highest potential in terms of finance and do not yet have much knowledge about the world of entrepreneurship and investment. "As the wealth of that generation increases in the coming years, there is very likely a significant increase in the value of these limited cards," Otis explains.

Finally, all those who buy shares of this item will be able to see it exhibited in an Otis gallery in New York.