Public servant sacked after disgusting act in work kitchen kettle

Following an extensive investigation, a public servant was sacked after urinating in the office kettle.

The South Australian employee from the Department of Human Services was fired “several months ago” after the long investigation conducted by the departments Incident Management Unit.

“The Department of Human Services (DHS) takes any allegation of misconduct very seriously,” a department statement provided to Yahoo News Australia said.

An employee from a government office was fired after urine was found in the office kettle (not the one pictured). Source: Getty Images, stock image

“When the incident was reported, an investigation was immediately commenced by the DHS Incident Management Unit (IMU). IMU is the department’s investigative body for any employee misconduct matters.”

DHS also confirmed a “particular individual was at fault” and the employee responsible has been fired from the department.

Fellow workers had feared there was more than just pee in their tea, suspected blood had also been added to the kitchen device, but fortunately that wasn't the case.

The investigation lead by the IMU found while urine was present in the kettle used by workers in the office, there was no blood found, DHS confirmed.

The incident took place last year in March, according to The Advertiser, which also reported the employee was fired in July this year.

Documents seen by InDaily reportedly show two casual employees were working at the Disability SA After Hours Office, the two noticed a “strange odour” when filling up the kettle to make a cup of tea.

“On closer examination, this was found to smell and look like urine. Subsequent testing by the Registered Nurse on duty within the DHS building, found this indeed was urine,” the documents said according to InDaily.

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