Urgent recall issued on Clark Rubber pool fence

An urgent recall has been issued for pool fences sold by Clark Rubber.

The recall has been issued by the Queensland Government, who say the company have now agreed to initiate a voluntary product recall Australia-wide.

Investigators found the “Be Safe Portable Pool Fence” could be opened, without using the lock, prompting  the company to remove them off the shelves.

Undercover plain-clothed investigators from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission visited a Clark Rubber store in Brown Plains and purchased a “Be Safe Pool Fence Starter Kit”.

Investigators found even an adult’s hand could fit between the fence to unlock the gate. Source: 7News

Undercover footage shows them being told by a sales assistant that they had “changed it up just to make sure it’s all compliant” after “they changed the law”.

But the QBCC says the fence isn’t safe enough, providing video footage of how the gate can be breached by a child’s hand.

“There is marking on a box of a pool fence product saying ‘Be Safe’, quite clearly it is not safe,” Mick De Brenini, Minister for Public Works, said.

This ‘Be Safe’ pool fence has been recalled across the state. Source: 7News
The fault was first discovered last year by a Toowoomba boy fitting his whole arm through the gap. Source: 7News

The fault was discovered when a four-year-old Toowoomba boy opened the fence by himself on Christmas Day last year, much to the horror of his parents.

The QBCC has powers and jurisdiction over pool fences if a product is intended to be or likely associated with a building. The authority has been investigating this product for five months.

“The key is we get the product out of the market because it is unsafe,” QBCC Commissioner Bret Bassett said.

At least 30 were purchased in Queensland, dozens more nationwide, prompting the state minister to issue a mandatory recall.