Unvaccinated NT workers face $5000 fines

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Northern Territory workers have one day to get their first COVID-19 vaccine dose or face losing their jobs.

The new health directive makes it mandatory for most workers who interact with the public to have their first jab by midnight Friday.

If not vaccinated, workers won't be permitted to go to their workplace unless a new role can be found for them.

If they do work, they could be fined $5000 for failing to comply with a mandated health directive. Some workers are expected to lose their jobs.

Second doses will need to be complete by December 24.

Employees who must be vaccinated under NT law include those who come into contact with people at risk of severe illness from the virus, such as medically vulnerable Indigenous people.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner has previously said the mandate applies to almost every worker in the NT.

It includes retail and hospitality workers, barbers, hairdressers, beauty therapists, receptionists and bank staff.

It also applies to essential infrastructure, security, transport and logistics workers.

The new rules allow employers to demand proof of vaccination from staff and to keep information on those who have had the jab.

The directive also acknowledges a booster vaccine will be required in 2022.

Some exemptions will be permissible.

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