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‘Unstoppable blob’ grows outside Domino's after pizza dough discarded

It resembles something from a horror movie.

But for some reason a giant, growing “unstoppable blob” is growing in a skip bin outside of a Domino’s Pizza restaurant.

The blob was snapped by Nicole Amstutz in Covington, New Orleans last week and she shared photos of it on Facebook. It's seen splattered on the ground and sticking to the inside of the bin, leaving the bin stained with the colours of a pizza crust.

“Domino’s threw all of their dough in the dumpster, and now it’s growing into a giant, unstoppable blob,” she wrote.

“Saturday morning update: it’s still there, but the dough inside fell and now there are boxes on top. Dough on (the) ground is squishy.”

A skip bin full of Domino's pizza dough is pictured. Some has leaked onto the ground.
Don't recall seeing that on the Domino's menu. Source: Facebook/ Nicole Amstutz

New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Ida late last week which killed 13 people. It has also seen temperatures reach the mid-30s.

It is possible the higher temperatures and heavy rain have led to the yeast in the dough expanding and taking on this somewhat inedible, large gooey appearance.

Domino’s is yet to comment on the blob.

Despite it not being everyone's cup of tea, or slice of pizza for that matter, photos of the dough had people amused.

“The dough is taking over,” one man wrote.

Another man questioned how the garbage collectors were supposed to deal “with a dump full of dough”.

“Quick, put some tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni on it,” one woman wrote.

Another woman wrote it’s probably going “to smell horrible” at some point.

“I’ve seen this in a movie somewhere,” another woman wrote.

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