University student claims $20 million Powerball jackpot

Ash Cant
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A university student in his 20s is planning on retiring early after winning $20 million in Thursday night’s Powerball draw.

The man from Brisbane was the sole division one ticket holder in draw number 1283, drawn Thursday 17 December 2020.

Exciting in becoming a millionaire, the young man questioned who he should call first after checking his ticket and seeing he had won.

“Oh man! Oh my god! I can’t believe it!” he yelled when speaking to The Lott.

“I just checked my ticket. Who do you call first? I’ve been through my phone trying to call my family to tell them, but they’re all asleep!

“I’ll have to tell them in the morning, but they’ll see all these missed calls from me.”

A university student in his 20s has won $20 million in Thursday's Powerball draw. Source: The Lott
A university student in his 20s has won $20 million in Thursday's Powerball draw. Source: The Lott

The man said all day he planned on getting a lottery ticket, but was busy and didn’t get around to getting it.

“This evening, I kept thinking ‘ok, what am I forgetting?’, which is when I remembered to get my ticket before the draw closed,” he said.

“Every time I’ve seen the news about a lottery winner, I’ve thought ‘that lucky guy, it’s going to be me next time’. I can’t believe it’s happened. Oh man!”

He said he didn’t think he would get much sleep that night and that he might have to watch a movie to calm himself down.

Student plans to ‘never work again’ after huge win

As for what he was going to do with the $20 million, he said he would focus of friends and family and never work again.

“I’m never going to work again!” he said.

“People give their whole lives to work, but I’m going to put my family and friends first. I’m going to help them and surprise them – some have been through a tough year.

“There’s also some charities I support and now I’ll be able to give them even more.”

The winning numbers in Thursday’s Powerball draw were 29, 4, 17, 16, 33, 5 and 9 and the all-important Powerball number was 13.

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